Matrix 3726

Text Description A stylised cross (cross flory)
Vertical Size (mm)
Horizontal Size (mm)
Shape Round


Transcription ..[section lost]BERTI FILI'[.]ELIS[section lost]
Legend Type Name legend
Language Latin

Person/Institution associated with the Seal

Nature of Person/Institution Male
Basis of Attribution Name legend
Impression 4076: Wax 968: Lincolnshire Archives Dij/76/2/60, pos. 1; A stylised cross (cross flory) ...
Document Lincolnshire Archives Dij/76/2/60
Condition Broken
Vertical Size (mm)
Horizontal Size (mm)

Design Description

A stylised cross (cross flory)


[section lost]BERTI FILI'[.]ELIS[section lost]

Top of the legend is heavily damaged and subsequently repaired.