NLW_PM 27 1225 - 1250

National Library of Wales

Matching Impressions
Sealing Clause yes
Language Latin
Has Good Prints? no
Has Partial Prints? no

Description of Content

Grant in tail by John, Abbot of Margam, to Robert Curteys, of three acres and a half of land, which they had of Richard de Dunesterre; rent, four pence, and a pound of cumin; without power to alienate. Witnesses: Richard the clerk of Kenefeg, William Cole, William Frankeleyn, Henry de Neth. [Latin : Pointed oval seal, green wax, 1¼ x ¾ in. An abbot, three quarters length, with staff and book.] .......... M : ABB .........

Parties (from repository catalogue)

1) John, Abbot of Margam 2) Robert Curteys

Wax 20: NLW_PM 27, pos. 1
Attachment Side Bottom
Attachment Type Tag
Colour of Wax green
Condition of Wax Broken
Contains print? yes
Good print? no
Partial print? no
Impression 837: Wax 20: NLW_PM 27, pos. 1; (Damaged) Half length man full face holding a staff in his r ...
Matching Impressions
Condition Broken
Shape Pointed Oval
Vertical Size (mm) 33
Horizontal Size (mm) 22

Design Description

(Damaged) Half length man full face holding a staff in his right hand and a book in his left hand (both hands folded into chest), five dots in the field over the left shoulder.

Made with Matrix

Matrix 678: Half length tonsured man in vestments, full face holding a p ...


[. . . . . . . .]M:ABB[. . . . . . . . . . . .]

Heavily damaged