NLW_PM 17 1166 - 1193

National Library of Wales

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Sealing Clause yes
Language Latin
Has Good Prints? no
Has Partial Prints? no

Description of Content

Demise and bequest by Ketheréch, son of John Dv, to Margam Abbey, of fifteen acres of land of his free tenement in the land of Peiteuín, adjacent to the five acres lying on the south of the highway from Kenefec to Cardiff, along the vill of Walter Lupellus, or Luuel. Under seal of the Prior of Oweni. [The Priory of Oweni, or Ewenny, was known at this time as the Priory of St. Michael the Archangel of Uggomore or Ogmore, being situate upon the bank of the river of that name.] Witnesses: William Killemichel, Eniawo son of Richered, Breuel, Ketheréch son of Caradoc Dv, Grifin son of Keneithur ab Herebert, his kinsmen and ‘nepotes,’ who have sworn to observe the conditions of the deed, on the holy reliques at Margam Church, together with Tanguistell his wife; Conan [c. AD 1170 - 1180], Abbot of Margam; James, prior; Roger, cellarer; William, porter; Godefrey, monk; Jordan, conversus; Roger, hospital conversus; Gregory; John, master of the Grange; Aithan the clerk; Robinus, famulus of the hospice; Ithell son of Ruwel.

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1) Ketheréch, son of John Dv 2) God, the Blessed Mary and the monks of the same

Wax 959: NLW_PM 17, pos. 1
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Colour of Wax red
Condition of Wax Intact
Contains print? yes
Good print? no
Partial print? no
Impression 4066: Wax 959: NLW_PM 17, pos. 1; Man in full length gown turned slightly left holding a ?scro ...
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Condition Chipped
Shape Pointed Oval
Vertical Size (mm) 75
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Design Description

Man in full length gown turned slightly left holding a ?scroll in his right hand.

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Matrix 3058: Man in full length gown turned slightly left holding a ?scro ...