NLW_PM 10 1150 - 1199

National Library of Wales

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Sealing Clause yes
Has Good Prints? no
Has Partial Prints? no

Description of Content

Grant by Philip son of Grifin, and Margan his son, and his wife, to Margam Abbey, by the hands of Brother Meiler, of all the land called Eniseleueu, viz., from Pistilcoleu to Chammaru, and as the road lies from Chammaru to Killecheireh, over the nearest hill next Lubmeneh, stretching as far as the road leading to Frutreulin, and from Frutreulin to Pistilcoleu, and on the river Taf; - and to Brother Meiler and the house of Pendar, all the pasturage in his land, except cultivated lands and meadows. For 2s. and reception of the grantor into the fraternity of Margam. Under seal of Llandaff Cathedral. Witnesses:—John son of Kennor, Abraham Gobio, Richeret son of Seisil, Maredut son of Caradoc, Joaf, Eidiketh, John Landaf, Morithic son of John, Ruwatlan son of Briauel. [Latin] Late 12th cent. Fine impression, in red wax, of the first seal of Llandaff Cathedral, 3¼ x 2<font face=Gulim size=3>⅛ in. Pointed oval. The Cathedral, from the north. SIGILLVM. LANDAVENSIS. ECCLESIE.

Parties (from repository catalogue)

1) Philip son of Grifin and Margan, his son, and his wife [unnamed] 2) God, Saint Mary, the order of Cistercians and the House of Margam

Wax 11: NLW_PM 10, pos. 1
Attachment Side Bottom
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Colour of Wax red
Condition of Wax Chipped
Contains print? no
Good print? no
Partial print? no
Impression 819: Wax 11: NLW_PM 10, pos. 1; Building with rounded doorway, circular windows, tall centra ...
Matching Impressions
Condition Chipped
Shape Pointed Oval
Vertical Size (mm) 83
Horizontal Size (mm) 57

Design Description

Building with rounded doorway, circular windows, tall central tower surmounted by a cross and a tall ?round tower at the west (left) end, ?stylised foliage in the field to the left (Llandaff cathedral)

Made with Matrix

Matrix 3091: Building with rounded doorway, circular windows, tall centra ...


[. . .]GILL[.]M [.]A[.]DA[.]ENSIS E[. . . . .]I[.]