NLW_PM 8 1186 - 1191

National Library of Wales

Sealing Clause yes
Language Latin
Has Good Prints? no
Has Partial Prints? no

Description of Content

Quitclaim by Walter son of Cunnor, and Iuor his stepson [The word privignus, here used for stepson, is also used for son - in - law], to Margam Abbey, of all the land between the two Auanas, and that of Embroch; sworn upon the altar and reliques of Margam; and with the assent of Tanguistel, wife of the said Walter, and mother of Iuor, and that of her mother Keneris. Under seals of Llandaff Cathedral, Walter de Londoniis, and Pagan de Turbervile. For 20s. and 40d. Sureties: William de Londoniis, Pagan de Turuille, Hugh his uncle, Symon de Turberuille, Walter Luuel, Walter his son, Thomas de Corneli, John de Croeli, Michael de Noua - uilla, Robert son of Eilmer, Keneithur son of Herebert, William his brother, Wassenfrei. [Latin] About AD 1150 - 1200. One seal remains, two are lost. Light brown wax, imperfect, varnished, 1¾ in. A knight blowing a horn, riding to the right on a springing horse. + SIGILLVM . PAGANI DE T’BERVIL . . . Cf. Nos 41, 42.

Parties (from repository catalogue)

1) Walter son of Cunnor and Ivor 'privignus' [see description] 2) Abbey of Margam

Wax 978: NLW_PM 8, pos. 1
Attachment Side Bottom
Attachment Type Tag
Colour of Wax brown
Condition of Wax Chipped
Contains print? no
Good print? no
Partial print? no
Impression 817: Wax 978: NLW_PM 8, pos. 1; Figure with left arm raised (?holding a hawk) riding horse g ...
Condition Chipped
Shape Round
Vertical Size (mm) 46
Horizontal Size (mm) 46

Design Description

Figure with left arm raised (?holding a hawk) riding horse galloping to right

Made with Matrix

Matrix 679: Figure with left hand raised on a horse galloping to the rig ...


[. . . .]LV[M?] PA[GA]NIDET¶ BE[. . . .]

¶ stands for horse's tail intruding into legend band.