NLW_PM 1 1148 - 1183

National Library of Wales

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Sealing Clause yes
Language Latin
Has Good Prints? no
Has Partial Prints? no

Description of Content

Confirmation by Nicholas [Nicholas ap Gwrgant, AD 1149 - 1183], Bishop of Llandaff, to Margam Abbey, of all things which Rodbert [d. AD 1147], Earl of Gloucester, gave for construction of an Abbey into the hands of the monks of Clairvaux, viz., all the land between Auen and Chenefeg, from the brow of the hills to the sea, as the waters descend from the hills, and the fisheries of Auen; and of the gift of William, [AD 1147 - 1173], Earl of Gloucester, son of the above, all the wreck on that land, and the fishery of Chenefeg; and of the gift of Roger de Haubertunia, with assent of William Scurlag, [See Mr G. T. Clark’s Cartae, No. lxiv, AD 1205], the Grange of Langewi. Witnesses: Bertramnus, Prior of Eweni [Founded in AD 1141]; Peter, Hugh, Adam, Edwine, monks of Gloucester; Herewald and William, canons of Llandaff ; William, chaplain of Rumi; Adam son of Walter, Roger de Bona - uilla, Richard de Rumi, Thomas de Landiltuit, Alward de Penmarc. [Latin] Pointed oval seal, red wax, edge chipped, 3¼ x 2 in., appended by a cord. The Bishop, with mitre and vestments, holding a staff or crozier in the left hand, lifting up the right hand in benediction. + SIGI......NICHOLAI. D[EI . GRAC]IA . LANDAVENSIS . EPISCOPI.

Parties (from repository catalogue)

1) Nicholas, bishop of Llandaff 2) Church of St. Mary, Margam

Wax 971: NLW_PM 1, pos. 1
Attachment Side Bottom
Attachment Type Cords
Colour of Wax red
Condition of Wax Chipped
Contains print? no
Good print? no
Partial print? no
Impression 812: Wax 971: NLW_PM 1, pos. 1; Man vested for mass and wearing an archaic mitre standing fu ...
Matching Impressions
Condition Chipped
Shape Pointed Oval
Vertical Size (mm) 76
Horizontal Size (mm) 52

Design Description

Man vested for mass and wearing an archaic mitre standing full face towards the viewer. His right hand is raised in blessing and the left hand holds a crosier.

Made with Matrix

Matrix 676: Man vested for mass and wearing an archaic mitre standing fu ...


[. . . . .]¶ [. . . . .] N[. . .]O[. . . . . . . . . . .]A LANDAVENSIS EPISCOP[.]

¶ stands for head of crosier